Author: Vladimir Svorcan

Hello. There was one small experiment undergoing in cyberspace of Internet in last few months. Subject was about PG and HG pilots and other persons who like to increase doses of adrenaline in blood escaping from tracks of common and boring.

Whole thing regarding this matter interested me few years ago when I noticed those extreme sportsmen have some interesting connections and on first sight ridiculous, but I decided to investigate a bit. As you read this, please keep on mind sentence of British prime minister Benjamin Disareli who said: "Lies, damn lies and statistics." So, statistics you will read here maybe are not best and reliable source of information, but at least I hope it will be fun to read it. It took me lot of time and nerves to finish this.

What is all about!?

At EuroPG and AsiaPG forums and some Emails I found Internet wide, I posted several questions for all people of goodwill who were ready to participate. In experiment, took place 617 persons, from which 84 never replied on questionnaire. I sent them off list, so there are 533 who were so kind to answer me, so I use this moment to thanks them all. Persons who participated are maybe your neighbours, PWC competitors, Club fellow pilots, FAI delegates, former test pilots, etc, etc.&.

Average age: 33.8 years (Which means we need more fresh blood in sport.)

Marriage status: Divorced 14.7% : Single 45.2% : Married 38.8% : Widowed 1.3%

Dependants/kids: 52.2% no kids : 17.5% one kid : 14.7% two kids : 7.9% three kids : 7.7% has kids from second wife from her first marriage.

Preference for or indulgence in other extreme sports: Yes 61.8% : No 38.2%

Other sports: Rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, skydiving, scuba, diving, shooting, surfing, windsurfing, extreme skiing and snowboarding, sky surfing, bungee jumping, rope jumping, piloting sail planes, model aircrafts, martial arts, road cycling, mountain biking, roller blading, ice hockey, kite surfing/buggying, kayaking, swimming, water jumping, 4wd rally, skateboarding, BMX stunts, base jumping, rocknroll dancing, ice climbing, moto cross, horse riding, downhill mountain biking, exploring caves (under water too), gymnastics...

Almost all like beer drinking.

Group Sports: 23.6% are good in group sports and like them : 76.4% claim as follows;

"Too many egos. Too boring. Hate em all. Had to do them at school & put me off for life. I dont like team sports much but I think that is because I dont have a passion for them. I dont fly because I feel the need to do a sport, I do it because I need to fly.

Its just a natural thing. Like sex or eating! I dont like to rely on others. I dont trust others. Could not take the coaching and enforced behavior patterns."

Hand writing: 75.5% ugly : 25.5% has nice hand writing, which means almost every fourth.

Left or Right handed: 84.4% Right : 7.8% Left : 7.8% ambidextrous

One Latin American guy quoted: - "I am right, but I use both to masturbate."

Lonely at school: 51.1% was lonely and 49.9% was not.

Problems when younger or now, when approaching opposite sex: Yes 65% : No 35%

People say to me that I have weird, stupid, dangerous ideas, etc: 64.7% Yes : 35.3% No

Psychological condition: 30.9% Very calm : 50% Calm : 19% Nervous : 0.1% Very nervous.

I know more people who are similar to me: 63.4% Yes : 36.6% No

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual 99% : Bisexual 1%

One guy refused to answer this question. Every seventh chap after answering Hetro said "HONEST."

I have suicidal tendencies: 28.6% Yes : 71.4% No

Alchohol consumption: 37.8% are frequent drinkers and 62.2% drink just after flying or during the special occasions.

I consume narcotics: 70% No drugs : 30% tried it and smoke grass : 8% tried and
quit : 22% still use frequently, basicaly every 10-15 days : 8 men used heavier drugs like LSD, Coke, Meth, Speed or Smack.

I consume tablets & other medicines: 78% are in good health : 22% are in satisfactory health, but use Inhalers, anti-histamines, vitamins on daily basis, pills for muscles, cold tablets when cold, anti-hypertensive medicines and aspirins. So far no one mentioned sleeping or contraceptive pills.

To make profile now:

Common pilot is around 34 years old male, single and without child. Enjoys other sports, but usually not group sports which he doesnt like and doesnt know how to play and understand. Has ugly hand writing, so even he is not able to read it sometimes. He is right handed. As a kid he was lonely and he got problems to make public relations, in most cases with opposite sex when younger. He has ideas which other of his non-flying friends define as "weird", and he is ready to try to make them true.

Calm person who dont panic easily or lose head in "hot" situations. Enjoys company of similar people. No matter that other non-flying people are telling him he has suicide tendencies and he will get hurt or worst case drop dead; he continues on his way as a stubborn donkey, claming he is right.

Despite all, pilot doesnt drink, use any drugs or medicines and trusts this author.

No retreat, no surrender!

Vladimir Svorcan