Canada Pics

Here Are Some Photos from my Tandem-Flying Experiences in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Here’s the kiosk at the bottom of Blackcombe Mountain, where we used to ply our trade.
These are the main 3 mountains we fly. Top left is Wedge; top right is Blackcombe; and bottom right is Whistler Mountain.
Tandem launches are on snow with a light catabatic downflow, so you need a committed passenger.
Just look at this awesome scenery... Below I’m thermalling above Whistler Mountain with Black Tusk in the background.
Left is the Blackcombe launch.
Thermalling over the Whistler village.
When going XC, one gets to explore the glacial lakes hidden in the countless valleys. Just don’t land!!! There’s NO recovery here, unless you can afford a helicopter.
Claude occasionally attempts a spiral until his wingtip touches the ground. Often with highly amusing results... As they say; practice makes perfect.
At play. One of the locals. Heli - Paragliding off Mnt. Currie at 9000’.
Approaching and landing on the beach at Lost Lake. This stunt normally goes down really well with the tourists.
Left we’re camping at 6000’ on Birkenhead.

Right we’re preparing to launch at 9000’ off Mt. Currie. We got up there by Helicopter.
Left: Andre’ approaching Wedge Mountain during a XC.

Right: A view down the valley, looking on to Alto Lake.