Annual XC Tour 2004

At the end of every year we head down to Wilderness for 2 weeks of glorious coastal ridge-soaring. Come for a couple of days or come for the full 2 weeks! We stay at the Ebb & Flow Wilderness National Park Campsite.

Then we head down to Valley-of-Desolation & Porterville for some serious XC, with a short stop-over at Cape Town!

Our recent 2004 Annual XC Tour was a great success for our group of 20 Pilots and support team of girlfriends and wives. We had fantastic flying at Wilderness, and it was the first visit to the region for many.

It was also the opportunity for Billie & I to run-in our new motors. We spent many hours every evening flying the stretch of beach between Holiday Inn and The Map. We also did 2 memorable out-&-return flights. 1 to Gerrikes and back and a 95km flight to Buffels Bay and back. It was fantastic to land amongst the sunbathers, go for a walk to get an Ice-cream and then take off again to fly back to Wilderness. We saw many Dolphins and at 1 section near Gerrikes we flew low over a school of 200 Hammerhead Sharks. Also saw a few seals on the beach and flew past a group on horseback.

Download a 1Mb slideshow of our Wilderness PPG (Motorised) Flying. (just right-click the link & then click save target as...)

Porterville didn't yield the classic conditions we are used to, but that didn't stop Renato from cooking a 52km flight past Renosterhoek. Well done Renato! Debbie Jennings also logged her 1st XC; 6,5km down the Porterville ridge, on an iffy day when Zergling, Billie and Raymond were all dropping out. Watch this chick! We've lost a good recovery driver, but are gaining a XC Pilot who is going to challenge all the boys!