Colin Harris's 9th Birthday Party

Date: 3rd March 2001
Site: 1-Gum, Kloof Gorge

The sky was the limit for Colin & his friends at Colin's birthday party. Kids and parents braved the heat and ventured out to the Kloof Gorge for an awesome afternoon of flying fun. We did 12 Tandem flights 1 after another, each getting better and better. Thermals were going to 200 meters above take-off, and the views were spectacular. It was a breathtaking and unforgettable day. Colin's comment: " It was cool and I'm going to do it again!"

Here's the whole group, before we headed off to the hill. Squeezing into the Landy... Waiting for the thermals to start. Colin says: "Me 1st!  I'm not scared!"
Let the flying begin! A good committed launch with Challin. We're flying!!! This is cool Dudes!!
Phillip before launching. Launching with Phillip. Look at us!!! Touchdown!
Just look at that view! Timothy shouts:  "I'm alive!!" Lift-off Anthony!! Ben Maré gives Travis a helping hand.
Blue Skies!!! Colin, Cam & Phillip hanging out on launch. John gives Challin a hand. John chats to Anthony & Tris before launch.
Cameron Van Heerden gets ready to launch. Mzo gives us the thumbs-up! Paroshen says: "A for Away China!" "Get the juice ready Mom"
"You can let go now, John!" "I'm as free as a bird" Timothy looks excited. This is fun!