KwaZulu Natal 2000 - Open Paragliding Champs

Sean Robertson and Ryan Peo. From left: Jo Chanani, Chris West, Andrew Gordon & Paul Pallet. Peter Prukl gets kitted-up before launch. Piggy takes a break in the shade.
How come Jo's always surrounded by Babes? Ryan sits with Farhad and some friends, who drove up from Ladysmith to watch the action. Top-landing on the Firebird Matrix. All eyes looking up.
Yeehaa!! Waiting for the window to open. Matt launches on his Firebird Flame. Wish I was up there...
Task 3: The gaggle in front of launch. Taking the Matrix for a test-flight. From left: Maxine, Susan & Ralf. I'm away!!!
Hey! This thing handles like a little go-kart! The gaggle above launch gets up under the cloud. We'll just sit here a bit longer... Pre-launch of the FreeX that fell out the sky a few minutes later.
Window's open! Chris, Jo & Alan. Heiner, Andrea & Mike. Winner of the PWC; Andrew Smith, before launch.
Briefing!! Pilots on take-off. Bruce Yelland offers some advice. Dressed for success.