The highlight of Porterville was an 80km flight, which Gary Whitecross and I did to Clanwilliam, on our DHV1 Z-One’s. Sean Whitecross also did incredibly well, flying 35km to Citrusdal on his Matrix, with no Vario! I know of very few pilots who have achieved this. Well done Mr Whitecross and Son. Check out the photos below.

Keri on take-off just before launching. Me thermalling up near the house-thermal. Keri approaching Teenage-tit hill. On-bar gliding towards Bumpy.
Approaching Bumpy. Crossing over into the Citrusdal Valley Keri goes on glide towards Citrusdal. Keri still nice and high.
Sean gets low in the Valley. he goes on to fly 35km to Citrusdal. Sean very low below me, near Citrusdal. Keri gets low and lands shortly before Citrusdal. Gary & I working together.
View from above. Climbing up behind Bumpy in the Citrusdal Valley Thermalling together over the river. Gary on glide.
On glide towards Citrusdal. Beautiful shot of Gary on glide towards Citrusdal. Now past Citrusdal heading for the Constriction. Looking back towards Citrusdal.
On glide towards the Constriction. Passing the Constriction. Looking back at the Constriction and Citrusdal. Past Constriction now.
Looking up 1 of the diagonal valleys.      
Somewhere between the Constriction and Clanwilliam Dam.
The Clanwilliam Dam in the distance. Getting closer... Closer... Nearly there! Just need 1 more good thermal!
Got it! Thermalling up at the edge of the dam. Great shot of Gary with the dam in the background. Gary very low near the dam. Slowly he works his way higher.
Well done!  high again... Gliding side-by-side. It's almost over... Now we're on final glide to the Country club.
Gary's down & safe. Team shot with the welcoming-committee. "Check-out these pics Gary!"